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Whip-It Cleaner Buy 1 Get 1 FreePurchase a 32 oz. bottle of Whip-It cleaner and 4 oz. bottle of Stain Lifter for $9.99 plus $6.99 processing and handling and get a second bonus 32 oz. bottle of Whip-It and 4 oz. bottle of Stain Lifter for free. Just pay separate the processing and handling of the free bottles.

Whip-It is the environmentally friendly, multi-purpose super cleaner. The formula can eliminate over 500 different types of stains in just seconds with a few sprays.

It works on stains from coffee, tea, wine, oil, food, car grease, dirt, crayons, ink, markers, and much more. The enzymes inside can clean and sanitize accidents left behind by your pets.

Whip-It works better than popular oxygen chemicals and without using any harsh chemicals like chlorine, bleaches, ammonia, phosphates, petrochemicals or acids. There are also no artificial perfumes or dyes used either.

You can safely use Whip-It to clean up your toddlers high-chairs, toys and unexpected messes without having to worry about any chemicals causing harmful side effects to your child.

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